Sroat Sroat aspires to share and benefit from our rich experiences while engaging with the non-governmental organisations. We provide the following services to NGOs. .

Human Resources
Why is Human resource important to an NGO?
For any NGO, HR is the face of the organization. Right from the time a candidate walks in for an interview to the time he leaves an organization, the way HR treats an employee says a lot about the organization. One has to ensure that each individual in a company is properly placed as per his/her ability to perform his/her duties well. To ensure smooth and efficient functioning of an organization, creating a conducive working environment is a key HR function. SROAT helps the NGO in every aspect of HR.

Areas covered under HUMAN RESOURCES
1. Creating the organization manual
2. Creating the HR manual
3. Defining effective HR policies
4. Defining the Roles and Responsibility
5. Defining the compensation packages
6. Creating the organization chart
7. Defining tools for "Project/program assessment"
8. Introducing a "Performance appraisal" system
9. Defining a structured volunteer program

Financial processes
Finance is a key function for the successful performance of any organisation. Every activity is linked with finance/accounts in some or other way. Right from starting the organization to releasing the project funds, financial processes play a crucial role.
We at Sroat will help the NGO for setting up systems for accounts/finance.

The areas which are covered under finance are as below
1. Creating financial manual
2. Effective grant management
3. Consultation in getting 80(G), 35(A) and FCRA
4. Managing payroll effectively
5. Creating realistic and detailed budgets
6. Internal audits
7. Annual report

Administrative processes
An effective administration contributes significantly to an organization's success. Administration is very important for the smooth running of any organization.

Sroat offers the NGOs following services for effective administration in the below areas:
1. Effective filing of documents
2. Effective use of office stationery & resources (computers, printer, stationery)
3. Official mail server for NGO
4. Inventory - Maintaining stocks, assets
5. Report generation from compiled data
6. Effective report writing
7. Creating effective database of existing funding agencies
8. Effective data compilation for different projects/programs

Fund raising strategies
Fund raising is the critical function area of the NGOs. Many NGOs are struggling to raise adequate funds and run their programs effectively due to insufficient funds. A common reason is inadequate fund raising strategies.

We help to build fund raising strategies and also offer our expertise in
1. Writing good proposals along with realistic budgets
2. Identifying potential funding organization
3. Identifying various sources of funding resources

Public relations
Public relation is act of managing communication between organization and the public. It is termed as a social science of assessing trends and predicting their consequences. It also sometimes includes counseling organization's leaders and implementing planned programs which will serve in the public interest.

We offer professional services in developing public relations of the NGO through following programs
1. Communications Skills / Mail etiquettes
2. Time Management
3. Developing leadership
4. Understanding expectations of donors and training staff on these lines
5. Defining volunteer programs
6. Various report writing
7. Help in getting accreditations

Designing Collaterals
Sroat understands the need of maintaining a public image to improve the credentials of the organization. With the ever important need for building this, SROAT provides the following :

1. Website Designing
2. Brochure Designing
3. Making of Presentations

In house training
Sroat provides hands-on training to NGO staff for enhancing skills in the following areas. The training is more informal and imparted during the interactions. These training sessions/modules gives unique benefit to continue work with better performance.

As these trainings are based on the need of NGOs and skills of their staff, it can be varied and basic such as:
1. How to write simple mails
2. Formatting documents
3. Public speaking
4. Writing reports
5. Writing thank you letters
6. How to do presentations in public
7. Improving interpersonal relations
8. Documentation
9. Using computers effectively
10. Using internet effectively