Developing CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] has emerged as a significant theme in the global business community and is gradually becoming a mainstream activity. The rise of modern corporate culture has created a range of social challenges. In the larger interests of society as well as the corporate world, these challenges need to be addressed with a fresh perspective.
The present scenario is indeed optimistic with big organisations utilising their human and financial resources for addressing the social issues at large.
CSRs are the strong supporters for NGOs to execute their projects. We provide services to CSRs to ensure the CSR-NGO bond becomes stronger.

Developing the CSR initiative
1. Understanding organization vision and mission
2. Articulating CSR objectives
3. Detailing on focus area
4. Mapping NGOs
5. Developing projects at NGOs
6. Developing Volunteer program
7. Monitoring and evaluation of the allocated funds

Developing Volunteer program
Company sponsored programs that encourage and enable employees to volunteer in different NGOs are increasing these days. Some programs offer time off to employees to work for NGOs, others allow employees to access company premises and use of its resources for their volunteer activity. No matter which approach they take, it certainly benefits company, NGO and community at large.
Sroat enables corporate companies to develop their volunteer program. It will have different modules like
1. Management awareness and support for volunteer program
2. Awareness workshops for employees
3. Employee invigoration
4. Annual calendar of events
5. Pre-CSR launch
6. What NGOs expect from volunteers
7. Do's and don'ts for volunteers
8. Best practices in volunteer program

Mapping of NGOs
Sroat's database ensures authentic and NGOs who are in need and further Sroat will enable quick mapping of the need with the available resources.
Under CSR one of the branches is identifying partner NGOs and its mapping. Sroat will help in
1. Not only identifying partner NGOs but NGOs suitable to objectives of CSR program and if such NGO is not in the list of Sroat then identity new NGOs
2. Exploring different projects for engagement at selected NGOs.
3. Articulating proposals with NGOs

Orientation sessions for volunteers
Sroat arranges orientation session for volunteers. It is a part of the volunteer program. When a corporate person decides to act as a volunteer, he has so many things in his mind; we help these volunteers to channelize their efforts so that the program will become effective.
In this orientation we cover following areas
1. Why volunteering
2. Do's and don'ts of volunteer program
3. Best practices in volunteer program