Student of IRMA at Sroat for OTS and MTS trainee programs
IRMA (Institute of Rural Management Anand) is the first of its kind and pioneer institute offering postgraduate courses in Rural Management since 1979.
Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Management (PRM) is one of the flagship programs of IRMA producing a new breed of rural managers equipped with best from professional management and rural development streams.
Management Traineeship Segment (MTS) is one of the segments of this PRM course.
MTS provides an opportunity to PRM students to apply their learning through practical exposure by working on live projects dealing with complex managerial issues.
Last one of the students of IRMA had joined Sroat for MTS
2010-11 year, one of the students of IRMA has joined Sroat for OTS.

Adoption Meet Held on 5th June, 2016
SROAT in association with SPARCC organized a get together for all parents who have adopted children with the aim of ultimately developing a support group amongst themselves.
There were about 7 parents in attendance, a small group however the points discussed kept the meeting going.
In attendance was a girl, currently studying in her 12th standard who shared her experiences of growing up in a society that didn't quite accept adopted children and how the need of a positive attitude is crucial for the child to survive.
Everyone individually shared their experiences in bringing up their child and this led to an emotional yet fruitful discussion as to what the problems surrounding adoption were in the country, how various adoption agencies function and finally how important a role the support group could be in people's lives.
The get together ended with everyone exchanging phone numbers and email ID's with the intention of not only forming a Parents' support group but also forming a Children's group which would make them realize that they are not alone in this journey.
Article about Sroat initiative in sakal 16-May-2010